January 28, 2017
More Than Almost Anyone, Mormons Should Oppose Trump’s Muslim Ban premium
Throughout this tense election cycle, we at Mormon Buzzz have tried our best to steer our publication clear of the political vitriol with which every American is now perfectly familiar. While politics have dominated our public discussion and driven wedges in our relationships, we have wanted our platform to bring people together, not tear them […]
April 1, 2016
5 Pictures of 2016 Candidates Holding Scriptures That Aren’t Near as Funny as We Thought They’d Be premium
We’re so sorry about this. We’ll just apologize in advance. 1.  Hillary Clinton   “This will be hilarious!”, we thought. “A lot of Mormons are Republicans, so they probably don’t like Hillary.” “Digitally placing the scriptures in her hands is homerun humor for sure!” We were so wrong, and we apologize. We realize now that […]