July 14, 2016
This Pokemon Inspired App is Changing Missionary Work Forever premium
The makers of the smash hits, FaithChat™ and Angry Mormons™ announced this week the release of Gospel Go™. In similar fashion to the Pokemon-themed game, Gospel Go overlays your physical world with virtual indicators guiding members to locations where they can seek out and catch converts. One of the app’s early beta testers, Matthew Higgins, […]
April 1, 2016
5 Pictures of 2016 Candidates Holding Scriptures That Aren’t Near as Funny as We Thought They’d Be premium
We’re so sorry about this. We’ll just apologize in advance. 1.  Hillary Clinton   “This will be hilarious!”, we thought. “A lot of Mormons are Republicans, so they probably don’t like Hillary.” “Digitally placing the scriptures in her hands is homerun humor for sure!” We were so wrong, and we apologize. We realize now that […]
July 24, 2015
If Millennials Had Been Pioneers premium
What might have been like if millennials had lived during the time of the pioneers? Would they have sang as they walked and walked and posted, tweeted, liked, tagged, shared, and commented on the pioneer trek west? What kind of things would we share? In the spirit of Pioneer Day, enjoy as two time periods […]