Buzzz on the street: General Conference Edition
Mormon Buzzz October 10, 2015

This past General Conference we chatted with people on the streets of Salt Lake City in-between sessions. We asked people about their experiences watching or listening to conference, and these were some of their responses.

1. Rebekah

Why did you decide to listen to conference today?

“I believe that the messages that they give us make us happier, and I’m always looking for things that make me happier, and so, I listen.”

How did you feel after conference?

“I felt like a couple of the messages were directly to me. Questions and thoughts that I had had were specifically answered.”

What would you say to others to encourage them to listen to conference?

“I think everyone’s always looking for self help things, things to improve, ways to get better, and if you knew that God was giving you specific direction every 6 months, wouldn’t we want to listen? And that’s what it is.”

2. Bayo & Mariama

Why do listen to General Conference?

Bay0: “General conference is part of our spirituality. In this chaotic world that we live in it’s a blessing that we have a place to go and listen to the mouthpiece of God on the Earth today. We are so blessed to be spiritually refreshed.”

“Interestingly these talks actually meet our needs and our situations and circumstance. They took care of everybody, as a young child, as an adult, all struggling families that you can think of in the world today, we have something to encourage us and to help us focus on what is most important to us in life. That is to hold onto the Gospel, and no matter what we’re experiencing in our day to day lives we can just hold on because that’s all that matters.”

Mariama: “It’s uplifting and inspiring, and we learn a lot from coming here.”

3. Tracy

Why do you listen to General Conference?

“I like listening to conference because it helps to uplift for the next six months until we have the next conference. I like to hear the words of the prophets and the Apostles, and to hear their direction and their guidance.”

What was your favorite part?

“I had an opportunity to actually be in the conference center today, and I haven’t been able to do that before so it was nice to be there with all of the saints, to sing with them, to feel the Spirit, to be able to see the Prophets and the Apostles in person, and to hear some things and feel the Spirit, and realize there’s some things I need to work on.”

How did you feel after the conference?

“When [conference] is done I feel uplifted, I feel buoyed, I feel good, I feel happy.”

4. Brittany

Why did you decide to listen to conference?

“All my good experiences with it in the past it’s just always something that I’ve loved that uplifts me, and makes me feel closer to God.”

How did you feel after the conference?

“I felt uplifted, I felt like there were things that I could change in my life, and I also at the same time felt encouraged that I’ve been doing the right thing, and that I’ve been on a good path.”

What would you say to others to encourage them to listen to conference?

“I think that there’s something in there for everybody to make your life better, and whether you’re a member of the Church of not, there’s good council for improving your life and improving your circumstances.”

5. Atim

Why did you decide to listen to conference?

“I was personally looking forward to the sustaining of new Apostles, I wanted to be there to hear the words of our General Authorities, our leaders.”

How did you feel after the conference?

“I felt, there were a lot of talks that I really enjoyed. I want to do better and be better.  I liked Elder Lawrence’s talk. I liked the personal experiences that he shared.”

6. Kristen & Ethan

Why did you decide to come to conference today?

Kristen: “It seemed like the thing to do. We were happy to do it. We got tickets from our stake in Reno, and made the trip over. We don’t get to come very often. We listen on tv anyway, but it was nice to be here in person.”

Ethan: There’s a spirit at the conference center that’s just way better than at home in your pajamas, so you know, why not go.

How did you feel after the conference?

Kristen: I felt great. I enjoyed all the talks today, and the music was wonderful, and it was just a great way to start off my weekend.

Ethan: I agree.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this edition of “Buzzz on the street”.

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